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Group Companies

There is always more than meets the eye with Timpson. One of the secrets of our success is our ability to develop new ideas and diversify. This isn’t just shown in the amount of services that we offer, but also in the different companies that form part of the extended Timpson family


For nearly 150 years Timpson has either made, sold or repaired shoes. Today, it’s a cobbler, key cutter, engraver and watch repairer.

Timpson Safes

We can supply and fit safes to domestic and commercial properties  in the UK. From basic £1000 overnight cash coverage safes up to high end £100,000 overnight cash coverage. We also can provide a safe opening service. click here to view website

Timpson Key & Locker Solutions

This is a unique service from Timpson. We can fit and repair lockers for large and small organisations. In addition, we can database locker keys and send replacement keys out whenever needed.

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Max Spielmann

We purchased 200 photo printing processing shops from Klick/Max Spielmann in 2009. They have rebranded ‘Max’ and are an important part of the future for the group.

Snappy Snaps

Snappy Snaps, founded in 1983 by Tim MacAndrews and Don Kennedy, who have run the business ever since, has a prominent position in the photo processing market in Central London and throughout the South East. All branches are franchised and the company has a consistent record of profitability. The Timpson group purchased Snappy Snaps in January 2013.

Jeeves of Belgravia

With fifty years of experience in delivering impeccable services, Jeeves of Belgravia is renowned for being the best dry cleaners in London.

The Watch Workshop

Timpson have a number of specialist watch repair branches throughout the UK.

Austin Timpson

Austin Timpson is a property holding company that owns the freeholds for some trading shops. The business was originally set up as a Joint Venture with Ethel Austin Property but Timpson now own the company outright. If you have a Freehold to sell, where a Timpson Company currently operates or there is the potential for one to operate, please contact:-

Tricia Davis – Property Director on 0800 0187 187 or email