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Additional Household Security

The first line in defence when securing your home is making sure you have adequate locks on your windows and doors. According to the Home Office, one third of all burglaries occur through windows at the back of your home, either through an open window or with the burglar breaking the glass, opening the latch and climbing in. Simple additional security measures such as window locks would prevent many of these burglaries.

At Timpson Locksmiths we specialise in the supply, installation and fitment of secondary security for your home, such as mortice bolts, door viewers, padlocks, padbars, window locks and door chains.

Additional Window Locks

Window locks are a good deterrent and relatively inexpensive to fit. You must also make sure that your windows are locked and the keys are removed and out of sight. Timpson Locksmiths can fit window locks to the British Standard BS 7950.

Additional Mortice Bolts

Fitting mortice bolts (rack bolts) to your front and back doors is an effective option. The mortice bolts are similar to mortice locks as they are fitted into the door frame. They are reinforced by a metal frame and recessed in to the door. The mortice bolts can only be opened from the inside with a key. Timpson Locksmiths recommend fitting a pair of mortice bolts to the top and bottom of the door. The home office recommends fitting five-lever mortise deadlocks (British Standard BS3621:2004) to all external doors. Many insurance companies require this as a minimum standard.

Additional Door Viewers

Door viewers or peep holes / spy holes offer occupants a discreet way of identifying who is at the door before deciding to open it. Additionally door viewers mean you do not have to reveal your own identity, which may prove useful at times.

Additional Door Chains

Door chains provide similar benefits to door viewers, allowing the occupant to identify who is at the door before deciding to fully open the door.

Additional Shed and Out Building Security

The theft of garden equipment is a common crime across the country. Sheds and outbuildings also need securing. Fitting a good quality lock to the door and securing the equipment inside with padlocks will help deter burglars. Timpson Locksmiths can fit padlocks and padbars made of hardened steel and of the close-shackle type.


Timpson Locksmiths can supply, open, repair or replace padlocks.

Padlock Types

A padlock is a simple type of detachable lock, with a hinged or sliding shackle designed to pass through a ring or staple on a door, chest, etc. While some modern padlocks do not require a key to be closed and locked, others do – most often as a security measure against leaving the key inside the location being locked. There are two varieties of padlock: open and closed shackles. Open Shackle padlocks are designed with the shackle fully exposed and Closed Shackle padlocks are designed with limited access to the shackle to provide a higher security level.

Padlocks are used in various applications – most common is the hasp, chain, or padlock staple – for the purpose of impeding theft, vandalism, sabotage, espionage, or to protect people from harm.

The British Standard for padlocks is BS EN12320 which details performance requirements and test methods such as corrosion resistance and the level of security provided. Information on classifications and markings is supplied.

Timpson Locksmith can supply padlocks keyed alike so that one key can open all the padlocks in your system. Upon request, chains, cut to any length, can be provided with your padlock

Padlock Ratings

Padlocks are rated by CEN EN 12320 the European Standards for padlocks and their fittings. The ratings are straight forward with the highest being 6:

GRADE 6 – Extra High Security

GRADE 5 – High Security

GRADE 4 – Security

GRADE 3 – Standard

GRADE 2 & 1 – General

Garage Locks and Security

Up and over garage doors provide an easy target for burglars. Most burglars are opportunist thieves and in many cases force is not needed.

Timpson Locksmiths provide professional lock installation and lock repair services for all types of garage doors, including padlocks with hasp and staple, mortice deadlocks and garage defenders.

Common garage door security issues resulting in a call out to supply and change the existing garage lock include:

– General lock failure.
– Buckled garage doors resulting in lock alignment issues.
– Problems with disconnected or snapped wires connecting the locks to the rods.

The common types of garage locks are T Handle (Straight and off set), Lever handles, Originals, ZA and Euro cylinder.

It is also important to keep all doors connected to integral garages secure. This is best done by fitting a mortice lock that meets the British Standard. Double garage doors can be fitted with mortice deadlocks on either side, keyed alike.

Additional Security

Any security upgrade or solution will depend to a great extent on the type of garage door and how the door closes. Popular security upgrades for garage doors include:

Hasp and Staple Padbolts

If you only ever enter the garage from the inside of the property, fitting a padlock with a hasp and staple on the inside will provide significant additional garage door security. An alternative is fixing bolts to the runners on an up and over garage doors. Both offer simple methods of securing your garage door from the inside.

Hasp and staple padbolts tend to be cheaper than padbars which are made to a higher specification.

Garage Defenders

Garage defender will provide additional security and an excellent visual deterrent. The base plate is bolted in to concrete with a heavy duty arm and it works by preventing the tilt action of the door, making entry virtually impossible.

Mortice Locks

Mortice deadlocks can be fitted to the outside of the garage and are particularly suitable if you have traditional open out double garage doors.

Fitting additional security to a garage door is often necessary but sometimes lengthy, there are several products that can be fitted to provide extra security to your garage but not all products can be fitted to all garages. For an accurate quote it may be necessary for our locksmiths do a site survey.

UPVC Door Locks

Timpson Locksmith’s can repair and replace your UPVC door locks should they fail. If the door does not lock whilst in the open position it usually means that the doors locking mechanism is faulty, usually resulting in the need for a new locking mechanism.

UPVC Door Locking Mechanisms

Most modern UPVC doors are fitted with a multi-point locking mechanism. When Multipoint locks (MPL) on UPVC doors first came to market the security provided was relatively poor and not maintenance free as first thought. Locking on “mushrooms” and “rollers” in to simple strikes made them easy to force. Hook locks and strikes are now more secure with strikers running the length of the door. These strikers are now often used to upgrade or replace old inferior models when they go faulty or have been damaged due to force. Insurance companies are becoming more aware of better locking on UPVC doors.

UPVC Door Re-Alignment

If you cannot lock your UPVC door while it is shut but can lock the door in the open position the door may just need re-aligning. The weight of UPVC doors can sometimes lead to the doors dropping from the hinge, resulting in the locking mechanism becoming too low to lock into the guides. If this occurs, the door hinges will need to be adjusted to lift the door back into the correct place.

Heel & Toe is a term used in straightening a door when it has dropped and come out of alignment; this job is more involved than just adjusting the hinges.

Repair and care is specialized and involves heating the plastic and remoulding to repair any damage to make the door look like new.

Additional UPVC Door Security

Timpson Locksmiths will be happy to advise on any UPVC door or door lock related issue.

My jammed front door lock was un-jammed this morning, exactly on time (with a phone call 30 minutes before arrival) and it was all sorted out in half an hour.

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