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Lock Snapping

What is lock snapping and how can I protect my property?

Lock snapping is when force is applied to the cylinder which then snaps the lock in two.

What types of lock are affected by this?

Euro cylinder locks are most at risk these are fitted to millions of properties throughout the UK which are usually on double glazed and UPVC doors.

What can be done?

Timpson Locksmiths can fit an anti snap which cannot be snapped in the same way.

What types of cylinders can be replaced?

Brass anti snap double anti snap single anti snap
Thumbturn cylinder ideal for front doors Double cylinder ideal for french doors Half cylinder ideal for garage doors

Our locksmith, Paul, was very professional, friendly and efficient.


Burglary Repairs

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a burglary we will repair the damage and ensure the security of your property. Timpson Locksmiths can also provide advice to minimise the chance of an all too frequent repeat burglary, upgrade your existing door locks, window locks or garage locks and even arrange to have domestic roller-shutters or grilles fitted to windows and doors.

The Likelihood of Burglary

According to Home Office Research, the British Crime Survey (BCS) estimated that 726,000 domestic burglaries took place in England and Wales in 2006/07. The British Crime Survey (BCS) shows that households with no home security measures were almost 10 times more likely to have been victims of burglary than households where simple security measures such as deadlocks on doors and window locks were fitted (22.5% compared with 2.5%).

Another factor increasing the likelihood of a burglary and the associated need for burglary repairs is the number of years you have lived at your property. If you have lived at your current address for less than 1 year you are more than twice as likely to be burgled than if you had lived at your property for 10 years or more (4.6% compared with 2.5%). The likelihood of a burglary drops to 3.2% once you have lived at a property for more than one year but less than 2 years.

The Importance of Physical Home Security

Despite the perceived deterrent provided by household alarm systems the key defence against a burglary remains physical home security. For example, households that suffered an attempted burglary in the British Crime Survey (BCS) study were more likely to have double deadlocks (46%) than those households that experienced an actual break in (37%).

The British Crime Survey (BCS) found that only 1.6% of households with ‘high levels’ of home security were victims of burglary. This rises to 2.5% with ‘some’ home security and jumps almost ten fold to 22.5% of households becoming victims of burglary if ‘no’ home security is present. ‘Some’ home security includes homes with deadlocks on doors, window locks, or security chains on doors, and ‘high’ levels of home security includes homes with burglar alarms, internal or external security lighting or bars on windows.

Insurance Company Requirements

Timpson Locksmiths always fit and provide like for like locks and keys, as a minimum, or upgrade your home security if that is your requirement. Our Locksmiths will also ensure that any locks or additional security measures installed are insurance approved in line with the requirements of your insurance company.

Victim Support

For help, information or advice relating to any aspect of a burglary, please contact the Victim Supportline on 0845 30 30 900 or visit

Business account enquiries

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