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Locked Out or Lost Keys

If you are locked out of your house or have lost your house keys we will get to you fast!

Timpson Locksmiths employ only professional Locksmiths who, using the latest technology and techniques, will gain entry to your house with the minimum of fuss. As professional locksmiths we will open your door by lock picking or drilling the lock, keeping any potentially costly damage to the surrounding door to a minimum.

Locked Out – Keys Inside?

Timpson locksmiths can gain entry to most locks without having to change the lock, enabling the continual use of your existing set of keys. We can help if you have accidentally left your keys in your house and are now locked out

Locked Out – Lost Keys?

If you are locked out and lose your keys, opening your door will depend on the type of lock on the door:

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Cylinder Rim Locks (Yale Locks)

If you lose keys to a cylinder rim lock (Yale lock) our Locksmiths will try and pick the cylinders where possible if this is not possible we would most probably have to drill the lock to open the door and then change the lock barrel. Barrel changes on Yale type locks are generally inexpensive

Mortice Locks

If you lose keys to a mortice lock a professional locksmiths will usually drill the lock to gain entry, replace the lock and provide a new set of keys. Alternatively a professional locksmith could pick the lock to gain entry and then make a new key for the lock however, making keys is more time consuming and therefore often the more expensive option.

Suited or Restricted Systems

If you lose a key to a suited or restricted lock we can replace your suited lock or order a new key on your behalf.

As the UK’s largest key cutter, cutting in excess of 7.5 million keys per year, Timpson can duplicate virtually any key type, either on the Locksmiths van, in our shops or at our specialist key centre

We were hugely impressed by your manner, your professionalism and the quality of your work. Needless to say, we'll be happy to recommend you to anyone!

Jon Edwards